Two ways to improve your air with your existing HVAC system.

WHOLE HOUSE FILTER The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner filters at .007 microns. It can filter out Radon Decay Product, allergens & particulates, airborne chemicals, mold & microbial growth and much more. It is professionally installed into your existing HVAC system. Learn More Order UVC LIGHT The inside of your HVAC unit is hard to access and clean. With the Breathe EZ UVC Light, you can harness the power of Ultra Violet Light used by hospitals and laboratories to clean mold and bacteria buildup within your HVAC. In addition to disinfecting the air, it improves the efficiency of your HVAC system. Learn More Order Order Replacement Filters

5 Danger Levels of Indoor Air Quality

The EPA & Health Canada have identified five areas that all homeowners need to be concerned about in their home. The Breathe EZ Company strongly encourages homeowners to understand their level of exposure. Our network of dealers are equipped with comprehensive solutions to improve your family’s health & safety.

Slide DANGER LEVEL 5 Dangerous Gasses Radon, Carbon Monoxide, Natural & Propane Gas HEALTH EFFECTS Lung Cancer, Vomiting, Headaches, Fatigue, Fatalities DANGER LEVEL 4 Microbial Growth Mold, Fungus, Mildew, Invisible Spores HEALTH EFFECTS Nose & Throat Irritation, Runny Nose, Congestion, Sneezing, Cough & Wheezing, Asthma Flares, Lung Cancer, Vomiting, Headaches, Fatigue, Fatalities DANGER LEVEL 3 Allergens & Particulates Dust & Pollen, Tobacco Smoke, Wood Smoke, Vehicle Exhaust, Dust Mites, Pet Allergens and Insect Debris HEALTH EFFECTS Nose & Throat Irritation, Runny Nose, Congestion, Sneezing, Cough & Wheezing, Asthma Flares DANGER LEVEL 2 Infectious Illnesses BACTERIAL: Streptococcus, Pneumococcus, Leglonela, Tuberculosis VIRAL: Influenza, RSV, Pneumonia, Common Cold Viruses, SARS HEALTH EFFECTS Sinusitis, Upper Respiratory Infections, Throat & Ear Infections, Bronchitis, Pneumonia DANGER LEVEL 1 Toxic Compounds Formaldehyde, Methylene Chloride, Nitrogen Dioxide, Pesticides, Toluene & Benzene, Tobacco Smoke HEALTH EFFECTS Memory Lapse, Mild Depression, Lung Dysfunction, Blurred Vision, Headaches & Lethargy

How Can Breathe EZ Help ME?


Remove allergens and particulates that cause illness from your air.


Chemicals in the air resulting from off-gassing of building materials are absorbed into our filters.


Cut down on dust and pet dander in your home. Less dust, cleaner air.


The Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is proven to filter lung cancer causing radon decay product (Polonium).


Improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and save money on your energy bill.


The Breathe EZ UV-C Light installs in your HVAC system and cleans mold and spore growth that often occurs.
Indoor Air Quality Facts

Slide People spend 90% of their time indoors There are 750,000 new cases of Asthma per year (25 million cases overall) Allergy issues can be linked directly to indoor air pollutants and outdoor air particles Homes are built tighter to improve energy efficiency and harmful particles are more easily trapped inside Mold is making people sick in their homes Clean air is a necessity for a healthy immune system


“One of the reasons I’m excited about my new Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is the money I’m saving compared to the filters I was using.”


Kurtis K. OMAHA, NE

“The combination of the operation of the blower and the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner have significantly dropped the radon decay product levels to well below the EPA Guidance.”



“I have had allergies since I turned 30. Now with the Breathe E Z air cleaner my sinus pressure and headaches have been reduced and almost gone all together.”


Tobias S. OMAHA, NE

“My son has asthma, so the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is a great solution to keep our air clean. My wife and I also love the fact that we have to dust the house a lot less.”



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